" say it with flowers and a Bear"
" I'm Batman "
"Time To decorate the room"
"Grrrrrr my Daddy said"

Welcome to                           The Balloon Professor.

 The Balloon Professor' Offers Balloons for all and any occasion. From having Fun with the kids, making there balloon dreams come true. to decorating a room to make the space feel just right for your event.  i can also make special designs for gifts that can take someone recall a special moment.  

How the Professor was Born

I learned a couple of balloons for my little Girl's (Abi-Leigh) birthday party in the house. I then picked up a few more designs for my Sons (Ethan) Birthday the month after. I repeated this the next year and that’s when I started to get Requests to go to other party’s to make balloons.


I was a bit unsure, but after 4 months of practice i agreed and have never looked back.  The Professor comes from a Nick name at school as i was a bit of a swat and always put my hand up to answer questions.


so ..... the Balloon Professor was Born 

We are located at:

The Balloon Professor

Lee Ross

27 Eshott Close

Newcastle Upon Tyne


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 Home: 0191 241 3785

 Mobile:07840 253178


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